Fifteen to twenty percent of New Zealand's population is neurodivergent. Within the Church many neurodivergent individuals and families feel isolated, judged and excluded.

Author, Staci McLean spoke with individuals and parents across New Zealand and across church denominations and heard stories of hurtful situations, loneliness and struggles.

It should not be like this.

There are easy and constructive ways for churches and Christian organisations to increase accessibility, inclusion, and belonging for neurodivergent individuals and families.

This practical and insightful book will explain what is neurodivergence, what it is like to be neurodivergent, what are the problems and why should we care.

This book offers simple, cost effective, easy to implement ideas for making our churches, Christian organisations and groups safe and inclusive for all.

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Creating places where we ALL belong through advocacy, education and support to individuals, parents, organisations and churches regarding neurodiversity and inclusion.

The Neurocollective NZ recognises that every individual, church and organisation is different, and each requires different services, please contact us to discuss how we can help. 

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